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I wish flowers wouldn’t die right away- I picked some daffodils and put them into a glass Nutella jar and they are now already drooping after two days.

I’ll be excited to go back home and hear the meadowlarks. The Swiss have killed most of their animals, and so have very few songbirds around.

To end the nonsensical and entirely unnecessary post, here is a gratuitous picture of Piet Mondrian.

Alright, I’m kidding, one more picture…well, more of a scan, really. It’s from a 1959 edition of National Geographic.

A large group of people brought over their caravans and trailers, mostly those lovely metal streamlined ones, and travelled around Europe, staying in campsites and making quite a scene wherever they went. This one scan shows the old man painting on carefully the letters of the places he’s been- and he’s so proud!

How neat would it be to take an old Winnebago, with all of your friends in Winnebago’s, and just kip out in campsites and meander around the continent? I got really whimsical and imaginative reading the post.

Critically, though, the post was quite stereotypical about a lot of the European cultures, and how these people bought into them- but it was entertaining. It was also from the point of view from a woman, which I appreciated, although it still had that “dutiful wife” tone to it.


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