Americana Sommer

I’m getting really excited for this summer!

I’ll be somewhere I know everything (or, almost everything) about. I can tell you about the buildings, about the history, I can preach about turn of the century Industrial buildings and 1970’s reformed communities.

Perhaps we’ll go up here for a weekend. No cell service, no Wi-Fi, just nature and the outdoors and laying in American Switzerland decaying splendor.

I’ve got my fingers crossed.

There will be picnic tables under shade-giving trees where we’ll lounge, sipping from Nalgene bottles and have a frisbee in hand or plans for nowhere and nothing, because it will be summertime.

Maybe we’ll go trail riding at Harlan’s house, and this time I won’t break my favorite 1983 Nikon film camera with automatic loader and flattering flash.

And of course, I get to see mi famiglia.

I’ll be working two jobs and hopefully taking some classes but we all know that any young person home for the summer finds time to do nothing at all.




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