La Dolce Vita: Primavera

Spring has truly sprung here in Lugano. Everywhere the city workers plant (pre-bloomed) tulips and poppies. The allergens clog up the air, combined with smog from Milan. It makes the air hazy- and for an allergy sufferer, it’s a mini-Hell. A beautiful, cool, fresh Hell.

This building is the most Renaissance building in Lugano. It’s also one of my favorites in that it’s hidden. It’s got perfect arches, wonderful decorations- very Italian Renaissance revival, if you know what I mean.

Everybody was outside while I was meandering about, listening to Swedish rock and Regina Spektor. It was a good day to just leave everything in my room and just go.

The tourists are out in full force, wielding cameras and crowding together. It really frustrates the locals, though a bit hypocritically: nobody knows how to stop and have a conversation in the  middle of a busy sidewalk than a Luganese!


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