Nächster Halt: Luzern!

I took a day trip to Luzern the other day with Hannah. We packed lunches and (one of us) homework.

We ended up only walking around for a bit, as there was homework that needed to get done. Sadly, I didn’t go to the castle that Mum and I hiked last year, and we didn’t walk anywhere except near the Kapellbrücke, or “Chapel Bridge”.

The Kapellbrücke is a bridge built in 1333 from wood. It’s over 200 meters long and is the oldest wooden bridge in Europe. It’s also definitely a landmark of Switzerland. It was actually mostly burned down in 1993, but the Swiss quickly rebuilt it in their efficient manner, and now you can even see some old burned parts!

The wood on the bridge is so smooth. I know that a lot of it was rebuilt, but the wood on the bridge is not new, and it’s velvety smooth from the thousands, probably millions of people who have walked across it.

Lucerne is actually a pretty small place, it’s only got about 56,000 people. It’s beautiful, and built right where the Reuss River meets Lake Lucerne.

If you ever get to Switzerland, go to Luzern! There are cafes that serve amazing apfelstrudel, there are bridges to be walked, lakes to be admired, some of the bluest water you’ve ever seen!

Until next time you dazzle my eyes, Luzern, tschüss!


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