Sasquatch 2011: Or, camping with strangers, smelling bad and being all class all the time.

And so an adventure happens!

Setting off in our Saturn wagon stuffed to the gills with food and survival supplies, Kristin Emily and I drove 8 hours to George, Washington. Or, if I were feeling funny, we drove to George Washington. A comma really makes a difference!

Ahem- getting back on track. We arrive to camp next to total strangers for several days of music, no showers, and adventure. Our neighbors were Canadian-Russians and we were in a sea of tents, campers and VW Bugs. Amid this sea were several stages, islands, if you will. Every day we would traverse across several paths to get to the stages to watch Matt & Kim, Tokyo Police Club, Modest Mouse, Das Racist, DJ Anjali, and dozens of other artists do their thing. Some shows were fantastic – Matt & Kim wowed, above all one of the best. Some shows were not really worth mentioning. We danced and were asphyxiated in the Banana Shack, ate bagels and funnel cake, and relished the beginning of summer.

Oh, and were really dirty and smelly by the end.

Photographic evidence below of the debauchery. 


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