Everybody makes summer a time of nostalgia, something to be cherished, and a time for taking the day off and getting tan.

For me, summer is the one time of the year when I can make money for college and see my small town friends and try and regain some sanity that always gets lost during the school year.

On the weekends, it’s cafes and thrift stores, developing film and documenting, trying to make my summer look nostalgic. Honestly, that’s what I try and do in every photograph I take. I want to beautify things, people and places. There is something beautiful to find in almost everything.

During the week, it’s working two jobs and doing laps at the local pool and taking evening walks, then sleeping with the windows open. it’s simple, not complicated, and it suits me. I also devour my books that the library loans. Right now it’s a biography of Peggy Guggenheim and a book about medieval feminism. 


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