Sommer in der Stadt

This Sunday night I will be setting off for my first ever American roadtrip, complete with mix CD’s, lots of car food and lots of film. We’re hitting up Seattle for a few days and along the way will be at Silverwood (Idaho’s answer to an amusement park) and also going to Olympia, Washington for some ‘Murican rain forest goodness.

This is such an Americana summer. I’m hell bent on making my year at college in America something that I can look back on and be happy. I’ve been at school in Switzerland for two years, so making the transition to a large American university complete with lots of school pride and 12,000 students is intimidating, to say the least. While it may sound slightly ridiculous to mention that I’m far more terrified of going to school at Montana State University than I was ever leaving the country to go to Franklin College Switzerland, I’m not going to lie- it’s more intimidating in every way.

Of course, change is good. Evolution, adaptation- it’s how people stay alive. Time to come out of my “oh goodness people!” shell and embrace everything this in-state opportunity has to offer.

In the mean time, I’ve been working a lot, ignoring the internet, and seeing lots of movies- Captain America was a good summertime film, and Crazy Stupid Love was another hit! Now it’s time to give you photographic evidence of a small town weekend. In black and white. I’m still in my black and white kick. Yikes!

Stereotypical cows in a field with mountains as a backdrop? Check!


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