The Second Gilded Age

So, the world is sort of ending.

The S&P downgraded not only America’s credit, but also Sallie Mae and Freddie Mac, in addition to the fact that we are now facing the largest wealth gap since the Gilded Age, pre-Great Depression. Woo! The rich are getting richer and the poor are getting poorer!

And I’m right in the midst of a college education, in which I plan to pursue a graduate degree and then get a PhD…yeah, perhaps not the greatest time to start dreaming big.

Or is it? If the stock market is reflecting the way America feels, then we’re mostly down in the dumps. But the sun still rises, I still get up and go to work, and I still tell my family I love them. So, if the sky is falling, it’s not crushing us yet. Nor is it crushing my enthusiasm for using film, or eating breakfast at the No Sweat Cafe with my obviously morning person of a sister.

Also, I enjoy taking pictures of people sleeping in their cars. This particular person was peacefully napping outside Costco.

So, while the stock market falls and Europe freaks out and London riots and American college students drown in debt, take 30 seconds to listen to a happy song, laugh, or think of something positive. We could all use it, yeah?


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