I could fall and pierce an organ: I

Dropping one’s younger sister off at college far away is difficult.

Mostly because she packed so much stuff and we had to haul it up a rather massive hill!

Seriously, though, it was really odd feeling, leaving her there and seeing her dorm, her roommate, and her campus, knowing that she would be living an entirely different life outside of our normal spectrum. She seemed herself in a sort of culture shock; Northern California compared to Montana is quite the change. It took 20 hours of driving to get her to Humboldt State University- two cars, four people, all of her earthly possessions, and a small amount of sanity. I documented the whole trip on eight rolls of mostly black and white film- food, fun, places and people.

The amount of photographs I have will take several posts to complete, so consider this the first of a few.




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