I could fall and pierce an organ: II (The Food Post)

If one was ever to go to a restaurant or even cook a meal with me, it is highly likely that I will take several pictures of the food we are about to consume. Sometimes it requires a flash. Thusly, most of the people I eat meals with have either gotten over the embarrassment of eating with such a weirdo or still slightly cringe but allow me to go on photographing the food. You have been warned.

We ate quite a few good things. Grilled cheese with spicy tomato soup and a salad; pizza that was a little over cooked but still aesthetically pleasing; crab cakes, steak, shrimp and linguini; blackberries found as we hiked down to a beach in Trinidad; Vietnamese food, etc.- quite the feast! However, do not be fooled; a 40 hour road trip  also resulted in us scraping the bottom of the food barrel: Taco Bell stops were made at least once (couldn’t manage to stay classy) and more often than not we were eating not real meals but snacks: free hotel cookies, a cup of coffee here, a bowl of cereal there.


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