Über Nostalgia Post: Glacier!

I apologize if nothing that I post seems to be relevant or up to date; my life has taken a downward turn into the chaos of classes and homework, and so documentation of this chaos is not happening…yet. Once I am in the swing of things, I will try to post current-ish photographs!

Right now, though, it’s time for some visual feasting, Glacier National Park style. I used 20o speed clearance CVS film, which gave some washed out colors and a nice nostalgic feel! We went here on a family “vacation” for a weekend in 2010; America’s Switzerland didn’t disappoint. Staying a Swiss chalet style lodge (yes, kistch!) was the perfect respite from the hot, dry Montana summer. No cell service, no Wifi, and some great slightly decaying majestic lodges.


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