The Frost has come and killed most of it, my dear.

Fall is officially here: chilly mornings, gusty winds, beautiful sunshine that glints through slowly changing leaves. Our studies are in full swing. I’ve been writing proposal papers, studying for exams, and learning more Spanish than my brain can handle. I’ve been making friends and meeting new people, and with colorful tights and sweaters, fall couldn’t be more beautiful.

I’m starting an internship at a local art museum/cultural center here in Bozeman- I’ll be assisting with ceramics classes and along the way learn how to give tours and how to be a good, proper docent. I believe I even get a manual- all the more to justify this 2-credit internship!

All of this has almost gone to the wayside in my mind- I’ve been devouring the news lately, and I’m fascinated and in admiration of the Occupy Wall Street movement. I’ve also been concerned with Europe and the Euro, Greece and it’s issues, America and it’s upcoming Presidential election and the always wonderful campaign…just, so much is going on outside the collegiate bubble, how does one pop the bubble while still keeping track of homework? I can’t tell you how many hours I’ve whiled away watching campaign videos (ahem, Rick Perry, anybody? Bullshit hilarity?) and catching up on opinion pieces and watching Rachel Maddow (a Rhodes Scholar with razor sharp wit and Moments of Geek to boot? She’s basically a goddess.)

With all of these chaotic thoughts I leave you with more memorable things: chaotic images. I double exposed them on purpose and I couldn’t be happier.


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