Mulled wine & autumn time.

My friend Kristin and I went and bought pumpkins- albeit the sad, janky ones in the bottom of the pumpkin boxes. We brewed some mulled wine, carved pumpkins, listened to the Rolling Stones and the Beatles, and ate popcorn and roasted pumpkin seeds. In short, one of the most autumn-y feeling evenings I’ve ever had!

Also, the mulled wine was delicious, and here’s the recipe for a full bottle of wine. We used a cabernet sauvignon, and it worked really well!

1 bottle wine

2 cups apple cider

2 teaspoons or 2 full sticks of cinnamon

Large pinch of nutmeg

An apple, cut into cubes/slices- we let it simmer with the mixture

Large spoonful of honey

All of these ingredients are optional, of course! You can add more honey, or substitute sugar, or add more nutmeg or apple slices as you please! Happy fall!


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