Mystery Vintage Postcards (can anybody decipher?)

Lugano has a tiny shop where vecchie cartoline are sold (antique post cards). For about 1 CHF (Swiss franc), I bought about 25 of them when I first moved. I sent them off to various friends and families, but kept a few with beautiful images and lovely script- before fountain pens became a thing of the past!

These postcards are from 1938 and…I don’t know when, perhaps a decade or two before? If anybody can speak pre-WWII German or Swiss-German, and you want to spend some quality time deciphering these, well- go ahead! Let me know if you do!



2 thoughts on “Mystery Vintage Postcards (can anybody decipher?)

  1. I got so many of these postcards in Paris this summer! They’re awesome! I have one of Luzern, Switzerland, which I visited earlier in the summer and had planned to have my Swiss friend who I was staying with in Zurich translate it but completely forgot about it. This just made me think of it again. Did you ever get yours translated?

    • Hey! I sadly have not yet gotten the postcards translated! I haven’t been super productive about hustling them about, nor do I know any Swiss-German friends around here, but I believe someday they will be decoded! I love vintage postcards, they are the best. Thanks for your lovely words! 🙂

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