Camera Repair: 1954 Brownie Bull’s-Eye

This afternoon I spent a couple of hours doing not-very-orthodox Thanksgiving things, like trying to fix the lenses on my little Bull’s-Eye.

I picked it up along with a Kodak Instamatic 50 and an Argus Argoflex Seventy-Five for $15 at a local garage sale- only to find that somehow, along it’s looonnnggg life span, the Bull’s-Eye got submerged or was in a very humid place- there was white fungus in the lenses and around them.

My grandfather loaned me two screw drivers and some lens cleaner, and I set out disassembling the small camera. It came apart easily, and I quickly discovered how cool the inside of the camera looked. I took of the face plate, the back, and several layers of metal- only removing about six screws. We popped off the rubber lens-holder (terminology is not really great, sorry!) and got the two lenses apart. After cleaning them carefully with q-tips and lens cleaner, we put everything back together, all without a hitch!

Now the Bull’s-Eye is actually usuable! It even came with the Midget flash, and some unused Sylvania M-3 flash bulbs, so I am all set to begin using it!

P.S.: I don’t use 620 film- mostly because it’s rare and WAY too expensive when you can find it. What I do instead is grind down a regular 120 mm spool with a metal file and clip it on the edges with a nail clipper until it fits just like a regular 620 spool- it’s effortless and super easy to do. You can definitely do it yourself- don’t buy the $10.99 re-spooled film you find on eBay, you can do it yourself so easily it’s not worth it.


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