Sir Ken Robinson TedTalk

Ken Robinson Says Schools Kill Creativity (WATCH THIS!)

I am addicted to TEDTalks. I find them to be startling, amazing, hope inducing, and rather spectacular.

Sir Ken Robinson, knighted for his services to educated in the United Kingdom, gives this compelling TEDTalk. It’s 19 minutes long, but completely, 110% worth it.

He talks about the “hierarchy of subjects” – Mathematics, Languages, then the Humanities, then the Arts. He also discusses how our system is based on the education system developed for the Industrial Revolution, because we couldn’t get jobs otherwise.

Children’s values aren’t appreciated or are actually stigmatized, Robinson notes. He also discusses the EXTREMELY relevant problem of “academic inflation”- that now, the job that required a B.A. now requires an M.A.. Didn’t the New York Times declare the Master’s as the new Bacherlor’s? (Rhetorical question).

Creativity rules, and we need to foster it, rather than relying solely on “practical” or “useful” majors/areas of study.  If you’re procrastinating that paper or looking for a quality way to spend 20 minutes, go here!



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