Things I like: Origami!

Yesterday I showed many families here in Bozeman how to make easy and fun Christmas decorations with their kids, and one of the most fun things to teach was how to make simple origami things into Christmas decorations. I used to spend hours fidgeting in my home room class during middle school, and then I started investing in the little squares of paper. Of course, many a teacher confiscated my creations thinking they were secret “notes” to classmates, but I kept making swans, boxes, giraffes, frogs that actually jump (yes!), butterflies, etc.

If you’re a broke college student or your Christmas tree looks sad or you don’t have any decorations, simply make a couple of these boxes or swans, then die them up and string them around your space- instant gratification at almost no cost! I wrapped the boxes like Christmas presents and strung them up.


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