Let’s get away from all this and go to Lausanne.

Hillary and I got out of bed around 4:45 in the morning to go to Lausanne. One train from Lugano to Zurich, another from Zurich to Lausanne. Luckily, our trust friend Hannah helped us through Zurich HB, as I had forgotten where our connecting train would be- we got there, though! Woo! 6 or 7 hours later we found ourselves in French-speaking Switzerland starved for food and art. After going to the Collection de l’Art Brut, we made our way down to Ouchy, Lausanne, and to the Olympic park. Hillary and I basked in the sun, sat on the benches, looked at all the flowers, made war with the French language, and laughed a lot. It was one of those days where we ignored all responsibilities we had to school and homework and gave ourselves completely to this  perfect place.

I think Lausanne knew we were coming and had all the flowers bloom and had the sun shining perfectly because it was seriously the kind of gorgeous day you only get with fate.  We meandered for a few hours, but only had until about 5, because we had another 7 or so hours of transit to get back to Lugano…we stumbled home at about 1 am, having eaten candy on the train and I don’t remember what else.  It was a great day with a wonderful friend in one of those places you’ll never forget.

With yet another (I’m sorry!) trip down memory lane, I continue to be a horrible present-time blogger but a rather good nostalgic one, yes? I swear, I have three rolls of film in various cameras, and they’re almost ready to be developed!


One thought on “Let’s get away from all this and go to Lausanne.

  1. Hey, there’s nothing wrong with nostalgia! Believe me, it’s kind of my default setting, lol. Sounds, and looks like you guys had yourselves quite the wonderful trip, well worth the getting up and all the connections involved to get to, I’m sure. Very cool indeed, and you’re shots brings the whole experience so vividly alive for the viewer…

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