Edward Hopper

Summer Interior

Summer Evening

Self Portrait

Road in Maine

I apologize for the lack of “real-time” posts. School has begun. Most of them are wonderful, I’m taking a course in 20th century art that seems to be promising, taught by a fiesty Bulgarian woman with enough knowledge to saturate our brains for the semester. My Spanish class is going well, though I’m a bit rusty, as I expected. I was in an Economics course, but the moment I walked in I felt so lost. There were curves, and charts, and the lecture hall was far too large to warrant any great personal increase of knowledge. I instead transferred into a Women’s Studies course- I am a feminist, and taking any sort of Gender Studies classes has always appealed to me.

Now, on to the actual visual aspect of the post! Edward Hopper is Americana goodness. I’m more of a German/Swiss/Europe in general art lover, but something about Edward Hopper’s brushstrokes and his use of color really feels so American. It’s realism but it’s not totally realistic, and it’s marvelous. He paints landscapes that could only belong on the East Coast and characters that feel more American than any I’ve seen. His portrayal of summer evenings, private moments, and urban happenings are perfection.


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