Those summer days in black and white

Summer is so fleeting, we want to grasp on and hold tight, savoring every moment. It’s a bittersweet feeling when July comes- we know our summer is already 1/3 gone. August is especially hard to swallow- so gorgeous, so warm, yet also rapid-paced and full of potential.

My summer was spent working two jobs, one of which I loved, the other which made me the money. After work, however, or on days off, I made a point of trying to photograph my summer into looking spectacular. Even if most of it took place in a backwards small town. C’est la vie, oui? The beautiful buildings, and beautiful people who populate it made great subjects.

Even in small places full of familiar faces can always bring something new to the table.


2 thoughts on “Those summer days in black and white

  1. Oh , wow! No colors needed in these amazing photos breathing fun and wonderful memories of Summer. This is my favorite season.The trip to the beach, the vacation with family, the bright , sunny colors that makes you smile…beautiful post.

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