El Fin de Semana

My weekend was quite idyllic and lovely.

I woke up early on Saturday morning and walked to breakfast in 20 degree weather to the Nova Cafe, a Bozeman best, with Harlan and Kristin. Our ears and noses were quite pink by the time we made it. Harlan ordered a massive omelette, Kristin an acai berry bowl with bananas, and I a pancake, fruit bowl, and side of cornbread, respectively.

After a solid hour of engorging ourselves, we walked back, and I got ready to go to Norris Hot Springs, “The Water of the Gods”- some sort of place where hot water is in a pit and people hang out. My whole family and some family friends were there to celebrate my father’s birthday, and we spent a few hours relaxing in the water and talking. I bought an underwater/waterproof camera for an astronomical $12.00, and photographed the hanging out. For dinner, lasagna and garlic bread, and for dessert, my mother’s famous apple pie, freshly baked. It literally was the best dessert ever.

We spent the night in Three Forks, a minuscule town near a giant highway junction, and in the morning feasted on scrambled eggs, strawberries, and toast with huckleberry jam. Very Montana-esque, no?

Now, I’m with all my new photographs developed and contemplating doing homework, which I must begin soon!  I hope you all had a fantastical weekend!


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