Text and image not related.

I’m back in Helena for the weekend, and it is always nice to return temporarily to a place that you know so well. This morning my father and I took a drive to a small, seedy, 1950’s themed cafe, complete with the strangest waffles I have ever eaten (note: they weren’t half bad).

Yesterday, my mother and I went to an estate sale in a Victorian mansion, where 12 hardcover books called my name, all to the astronomical sum of $4.00.

The books in question range from abnormal psychology cases, to a breakdown of the English government (which is truly fascinating), to a collection of poems by some dead guy I’ve never heard of, two biographies of female European monarchs/royal family members, a book about world literature, its beginnings and branches of it, and a book concerning EVERY SINGLE COIN minted or brought to the United States of America from its days as a wee colony to present times (er…1981, when the book was published).

Today, I am spending the day in a rocking chair perusing through the new books, taking pictures of things, and later probably thrifting some hideous clothes or taking a drive down a rural road to admire cloud formations.

This text and the images above are not related, as a side note. They are the black and white data from a day to day existence.

Hasta luego!



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