Wh-wh-what is a “weekend”?

This weekend I drove the 90 miles back to my town, and spent the weekend eating good food, spending time with family and friends, rummaging through estate sales, and enjoying life. Being so close to home this year is so strange, but in a good way, I believe.

Helena is boring. Let’s be honest. However, there is a certain regularity to it’s dullness that I find comforting- if not dangerous in that many become trapped in it’s lull. However, when Monday came, my long weekend was over, and I drove home in a haze of sickness, ready to come back to my small room.

Also, if you haven’t yet started to watch Downton Abbey, begin so soon. It is hilarious, really well done, and Maggie Smith rules. Yes. Not enough reasons? The costuming is superb, and the scenery itself is breathtaking!


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