11 Things

1.  I’m deathly afraid of deep water or water where I can’t see the bottom. Despite the fact that I am a varsity swimmer and very good at swimming.

2. I can bend my thumbs all the way backwards. All. The. Way. It’s really weird and creepy.

3. I do not like babies. I think they are weird and creepy. They have no motor skills, and not a lot of cognitive functions, and their proportions are off, and they just make me feel really uncomfortable in every way. Also, their form of communicating in shrieks, giggles and other high pitched forms are grating. I do not ever want to have a child of my own, either.

4. When I was a kid I didn’t think adults slept, so I wanted to be a veterinarian during the day and an artist at night! Until I figured out that I’m too emotional about animals, that is.

5. I love snakes, spiders, amphibians, and all generally creepy crawley things. In fact, if I could start over, I might major in Biology and get a grad degree in Herpetology- the study of reptiles and amphibians. I also am a spider saver, and will go to great lengths to make sure that our arachnid friends aren’t harmed by people who want to squish them.

6. I have about 300,000 photographs on my portable hard drive, and that’s just from the last three years.

7. My favorite movie is a tie between “The Brothers Bloom” and “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory” (the Gene Wilder one, di certo).

8. I used to have a huge gap in my teeth, and I sort of wish I had been able to keep it.

9. My family has a little dilapidated house in Cape Cod, and it’s one of my favorite places on earth to be. I can ride my bike everywhere, and the buildings are all old and symmetrical. It’s my favorite Americana place to be.

10. I’m the biggest The Office fan there has or ever will be. Seriously.

11. My middle name is “Lee” after Robert E. Lee, the Confederate General- the first daughter in my family has gotten that middle name since…well, the Civil War.


2 thoughts on “11 Things

  1. I had always thought that when I was a child, after I was sent to bed, life in the house was a lot more fun. So I used to try to stay awake and keep peeking out the door to see why my parents were always having fun without me. I felt like the only time they had fun was without me and my brothers.

    That was until i got older and just found out most of the laughter i heard was on the TV and not from my parents. 🙂

    WOW 300,000 photos.

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