The calm before the storm.

After driving back from Seattle, life resumes in the Queen City. I frequent my favorite coffee shop and try to write a paper on dual consciousness, go out to breakfast with friends, enjoy amazing strawberries, have late-nite soup at diners, and sleep.

Now, I’m back at school, with presentations and papers leering at me. It has snowed almost 12 inches in the last few hours, I discovered a roll of film I forgot to develop, and life goes on, the way it does every day.

I hope you all are having a bearable Monday!


4 thoughts on “The calm before the storm.

  1. Thats another thing I miss with digital photography. There was that mysterious roll of film found in a drawer and the anticipation as the prints came back.

    I guess its possible to find a CF card sitting around somewhere – but that hasn’t ever happened.

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