What my summer will include

Summer is here in about 4 weeks, and my summer will include lots of:


Shade bathing (because sun bathing is not my thing)

Eating good food with excellent people

Hanging out with excellent people

Going to work and walking by the taxidermied beaver every day.

Going to baseball games once or twice to cheer on our home team

Seeing flowers every where

Being outside, hopefully kayaking and hiking a bit more this summer

Eating in my favorite shaded grove 10 minutes from work

Getting out of Montanan AT LEAST ONCE (because this place occasionally makes me feel like I have no soul)

Reading more

What are you doing this summer? Are you going on any trips or doing anything fun? What are your favorite things to do in the warmer months?


One thought on “What my summer will include

  1. You summer sounds relaxing! I’m a fan of spending time outdoors, but I prefer sunbathing in the pool instead of shade-bathing. Haha! I wish I was going on a trip, but who knows what my fiance has in store for my 21st birthday!

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