More getting ready for summer photographs.

I’m itching for summer to begin. I love the spontaneity, the pace, and the way that the sunsets look. Helena gets a sleepy sort of vibe, and the mountains around it beg to be wandered, hiked, and photographed. Old caves want to be explored with a flashlight, nights ask you to drive through them with the window down, and the stars kindly suggest you chart them. Montana summers also require thrifting, the annual Recycle fashion show (which we kicked ass at), being with lovely friends and family, eating and drinking good things, going to concerts, and generally avoiding responsibility. Even if I am holding down a full time job this summer. The evenings are mine, as are the weekends.

This summer I plan to:

-Run at least 3 times/week after work

-Go to more concerts (Late bloomer, ich weiß)

-Finish my podcast on synesthesia in Bozeman

-Save money to pay for my apartment and food next year (because shelter and food are important!)

-Thrift some ugly sweaters/cardigans to help survive the cool evenings

-Go kayaking more!

-Make some good photographs

-Create good memories of fantastic times with worthwhile people

What are some of your summer plans?



One thought on “More getting ready for summer photographs.

  1. I have a “Summer Bucket List” as always, but my main thing is that I want to go to the zoo this summer!

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