University starts tomorrow, CHE?!

I’m trying to be cool like this cavalier about school.

I’ll be a senior in college, I’m taking wicked courses, my apartment and the lovely people in it seem pretty swell, and although I have yet to get my shit together enough to pump up my bike tires, I think everything is going pretty swell.

Plus, I’m taking a class ALL ABOUT medieval art. We’re talking warped perspective, amazing use of color, really crazy creativity mixed with amazing uses of repetition. I love medieval art because it seems to be so bland but then BOOM you find a manuscript with illustrations of a tree with penises in it in gold leaf.  Yes, you read correctly. The medieval period is honestly of the most unique and awesome times in all of history. I love it.

I hope all you cool cats are going to have a lovely fall! I hear thunder, and I hope the coming storm is marvelous. Challenges are going to abound in many ways but I think that if I can get myself organized and prioritized I can handle whatever comes.

Image source: Wikimedia


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