National Geographic scans, 1957 editions



As somebody who can’t travel right now, I chose to be spirited away through old National Geographics.

I especially like the editions that use Kodachrome, because Kodachrome makes everything better- a little more saturated, a little more dramatic, a little more everything. Trying to describe the joys that Kodachrome instills in me would be akin to describing why my favorite song is Begin the Beguine– it’s something that I can’t put into words.

So, instead, go explore Angkor Wat, Rome, Istanbul, see a map of Europe from when the USSR still reigned strong, and view my favorite map of Italy ever. Or, head to Glacier or invest in a Kodak camera! Someday I want to print the map of Italy off in high resolution and tack all the lovely places in that marvelous country I’ve been.

Also, I apologize for the lack of photos. My life has been lackluster- I’ve been going to the gym, class, frequenting cafes and trying new wines, but not doing it with a camera in my hand, apparently!


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