Thoughts on life- a list.

1. Napping is something that should be done often and with relish.

2. Walking alone in the dark is a joyous thing to do.

3. Looking at an old train pass reminds me of the nights spent whooshing past small mountain towns, glimmering in the dark as we sped by.

4. Writing is difficult, and mostly done at odd hours of the night.

5. Lying awake at night leads to ridiculous thought paths that were meant to remain shadowed.

6. Skype sessions with fantastic friends are the cure for the blues.

7. One down duvet is great. Two is better.

8. Having to explain what a meme is to somebody is really difficult.

9. A bad pear is an awful thing to experience- texture! Texture!

10. I miss certain persons in my life.

11. I have a fondness for overly expensive pretty underthings that would surely bankrupt me if there were such shops around.

12. Walking to class on a brisk morning is a better way to wake up than coffee.

13. I miss photographing my life.

14. Sometimes the feeling of anonymity is the best feeling ever.

15. Reading a book outside a pub waiting to meet up with friends starts off the evening well.


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