A taste of the ethereal and normalcy.

Detail, The Garden of Earthly Delights, Hieronymous Bosch

Ferdinand Holder, Lake Thun

William Gibson photography, from But Does It Float?

My life has descended on a steep curve into the subterranean reality of exams and flash cards. Evenings spent in coffee shops and the library, plugged in, listening to Blitzen Trapper, The Raveneottes, Purity Ring, Polica, Deer Tick, Diamond Rug, New Order, and The Strokes seems common place.Most of my new music recommendations comes from AK, who helps me figure out what to listen to. And when I say help, I mean he basically makes my taste not appear nearly as horrendous as it actually is.  If I’m not studying and being given glorious music recommendations I am listening to a EuroTrash heavy playlist at the gym or making late night cups of hot hot tea.

The trees are changing, the wasps seem angrier, and the mornings are crisp. I nestle under two down duvets and an old quilt and relish the sharp change in temperature now. The mornings are darker, quieter, meandering towards shades of blue that used to be pink-tinged. Unfortunately, the quiet is shattered by the chicken coop and ducks behind my apartment building, but I can always pretend. Autumn here is subtle but present, a fleeting creature that I like being reintroduced to annually.

Now, off to prepare for an exam on medieval art! Tallyho!


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