Grumble grumble

I wish this weekend hadn’t ended.

It was a weekend of pie, BLT’s, enormous breakfasts I couldn’t finish, bagels, dark red wines, bourbon and vodka. There was a corn maze that wasn’t legitimate at all and lots of running and hiding, a GPS coordinate gone awry, nighttime driving and not knowing enough Outkast to sing along. Harold and Maude, a violet room, sunshine spilling into window sills, crunching leaves under new “fashion boots”, borrowing gloves and feeling the crisp autumn air, walking up hills, Thai food, an over eager man who insisted on photographing us, late night corn dog negotiations, BLT’s and wine late into the night, taking walks with my Mum, brainstorming ways to make the weekend last longer, and hating to leave the people I spent it with.

Back to reality, where Art History exams loom and article deadlines call my name. Luckily my beautiful sister and I have plans to get Cajun food this week, Moonrise Kingdom is coming to our small student theatre on Thursday and going thru the weekend, and I get to see the feminist film I’ve been waiting to see on the big screen for months!

Until I get a roll of film from this weekend developed, hasta luego!


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