Why I am not my blog and my blog is not me.

Something I fear but know occurs is that if somebody finds my blog or reads it, they will come away with a conclusion of who I am.

That is the most dangerous, erroneous thing one can do while perusing blogs.

My blog is a tool for procrastination, a place for personal inspiration, and a biased synopsis of my personal life events, shrouded by whatever lies I choose to toss in or events I choose to omit. It is something that is created by me, and it is a part of me, I suppose, but if you were to form any sort of conclusion of me based from this URL, you would be sorely mistaken. It is a mere detail of my life, not a true or accurate representation of me.

As a blogger and somebody who avidly reads blogs, I have encountered this problem a lot. I end up imagining my favorite bloggers as having perfect boyfriends, perfect bell-jar whiskey recipes, cardigan collections, and camera angles. Then, I have to step back and think: No. False. That is not possible, and the conclusions I am drawing are inappropriate.

Something I will admit to doing is gilding my blog. Why? For the simple reason that I can. I choose to pick out my flaws, my disdain, my selfishness, my erroneous thoughts and the cynicism I often feel, leaving you with this much “nicer” portrait of me, partially curated by myself. However, it’s not accurate. It’s a slanted truth, a biased created by a person who has no clue what they’re doing more oft than not.

Guess what? I’m allowed to do that. I have every right to engage in this behavior, and so I have, do, and will continue to do so.

(The image above though does sort of represent who I wish I was: A jewel-tone wearing vixen reclining somewhere listening to a scratchy tune).


2 thoughts on “Why I am not my blog and my blog is not me.

  1. I realize that you might have deleted this post, but your Se Fossi Coraggiosa post was very pretty. I thought it was a sweet paragraph of condensed passion, and I agree on the more indulgent and carefree lifestyle you crave. You might be my favorite blog – I just love the way you write and photograph, even if you claim that it is not an accurate picture of you or not interesting or whatever you might think…
    If there’s one thing I learn from AP Lang, it’s that the speaker in the text isn’t always the writer’s point of view – it’s all part of the message she is trying to convey. And whether this blog is the polished version of you doesn’t matter – you’re allowed to dress nice when company comes over, different versions of someone are meant for different occasions…So what I’m saying is I like what you put out here. It is a delight to read. Thank you.

    • I made the post “private” because after awhile I realized there might have been a tone of wallowing in the post, which is something I don’t like do to. Thank you so much, you have no idea how much this made my day!!

      My blog really is so sporadic sometimes I’m sure nobody reads it anymore. I think you made my day a little more glorious! 🙂

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