Improvements to be made

-Be better at being positive. My cynicism isn’t wholly justified anyway. It is easier being cynical and doubtful than hopeful and positive. Of course, somewhere in there one should toss a healthy dose of reality, but in varying measures.

-Learn how to cook. Or at least learn how to feed myself. Cereal, grilled cheese, pancakes, eggs, macaroni and cheese, salads, and quesadillas are not adequate.

-Pare down. I have too many things. Too. Many. Goddamn. Things. Dresses, tights with rips, shelves I never managed to put up, glass bottles containing knickknacks, etc. I need to make a drip to the charity shop soon and drop off a few items.

-Maintain connections with people. I need to call my family more often, write letters to friends, and keep the people I want in my life now in mind. Remember birthdays, send cards, etc.

-Eat better. So much bread and grain- too little fruits, vegetables, healthy fats and antioxidants. More green and colorful foods.

-Be  happy with what I have. I am always planning, scheming, dreaming for things ahead, getting too worked up about things far too foggy to invest emotions or time in. Enjoy the company I have, the moments I live, for the present exquisite joys they have to offer.

-Be braver. Tell a truth that is strong in color rather than muting and trimming it to what I imagine fits the situation (a weakness of mine). Make mistakes rather than just remaining stationary.

-Exercise more. I find if I don’t remain physically active I go stir crazy and become a rather heinous individual to be around. I need to schedule in gym time rather than slack and nap instead.

Image: Berthe Morisot by Eduoard Manet


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