Old objects


Many objects become useless, or have no real inherent purpose. Some are visually pleasing, others used to have a purpose. Most of the objects in these photographs don’t exist in my day to day life, even though they used to. Some were props, others were toys, others were fascinating.

I don’t have a motivation for posting them, but once in awhile I need to dwell on things. Tangible things. Other aspects of life are too fleeting- I can’t hold onto a feeling the way I can a rock of obsidian. I can’t touch a person like I can the smooth teeth of a mountain lion skull- they’ll react, perhaps flinching away. I can’t count on a person remaining in my life like I can on an object. While that’s oversimplifying, it’s also truth.



One thought on “Old objects

  1. LOVE this post–it really made me think about things that I’d intentionally left behind or had just forgotten about. And, strangely enough, I’m pretty sure I had a similar couch in my childhood as the one in the first picture! 🙂

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