Things lately


– I have heartburn and am constantly cold. I also have worse vision. I fear I am slowly dying.

-I have spent hours planning Christmas gifts and then silently panicking because they may not be satisfactory.

-Instead of a Christmas tree we are having a wreath over our fireplace.

-Sleeping on a couch is getting old faster than I thought.

-Somebody left peach tea in the office and I think it might have been me at the beginning of the summer but I don’t recall.

-A fireplace can solve a lot of problems. Not all, but many.

-My co-worker didn’t know about Grumpy Cat and thought that she wasn’t glorious. I lost my faith in him a little more today.

-I gave money to charity today. People who do that are supposed to live longer and be happier. I don’t feel anything yet but hopefully I helped somebody, even if in a somewhat minuscule way.

-More of my friends are engaged, and it’s very odd. I can barely decide on a brand of toothpaste, how can my peers be sure of their choice of PERSON for life?



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