Albrecht Dürer


My computer has had me kicked out at work for days, and so I have resorted to reading the news, doing crosswords, reading books, and staring at images done by Albrecht Durer.

This guy painted himself as Jesus, no joke. He was a gutsy and incredibly talented guy, and also did possibly the coolest woodcut of a rhinoceros ever (GO CLICK DO IT) even though he had never seen one in his life (apparently somebody sent a Pope a rhino but it died in a shipwreck off the coast of Italy, so nobody in Europe actually ever saw a rhinoceros until the late 16th century).

SHIFT: I have to continue to distract myself from multiple aspects of my life. I have had no privacy since Sunday- I literally haven’t been in a room alone for more then 15 minutes (showering, the only private act left), and the only REAL time I have to myself is when I drive to work. I’ve been going on directionless drives around town in order to have a few minutes to myself. Yesterday I spent 90 minutes in Costco for no reason other than that I didn’t want to go home, meandering the grey cemented aisles and looking at giant tins of tuna fish and wondering- “You can’t reseal those, do you eat it all in one go?”.


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