Doubled over

006_20 008_18 013_12 024_1Other photographs. The bottom one is of the Stockyard Calfe, a delicious little shack that makes a mean peach crisp. A sunset in Missoula coupled with a picture of trees in a park might be my favorite picture of the roll, though. The others are pictures from walking a dog at night, spending time in book stores, and drinking black coffee.

My second-to-last undergrad semester begins next Wednesday. I’m going to Bozeman Saturday to unpack and settle back in. My roommate/friend from last year, Meghan, got back from 6 months studying abroad today (I got a call from JFK) and so hopefully this weekend we can reunite- Meghan is one of those people who is ridiculously energetic and wondrous, and I’ve missed her terribly.

My last day of work is tomorrow, and while this lull in Helena has been nice in a relaxing way, I am ready to be busy. I am better when busy.


4 thoughts on “Doubled over

    • It was definitely an accident, but a happy one! Some cameras wind up film so that you have a tail to put back into the camera if you want to have a second go through the same roll of film, but I didn’t do it purposefully, ha!

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