Potential disaster strikes!

leo_bbSo I may or may not have anywhere left in this blackhole of misery to get my film developed. (Cue dramatic language!)

I used to get it done at Costco but their developing machine broke about a year ago, so I began having it developed at Target. Last week their machine broke- I’m unsure if they are going to get it repaired or if they just chucked it. So many places are just letting the machines break and not repairing them because they don’t profit from film developing anymore, so the costs of repair can’t be matched. I understand that aspect of it but a bit of my soul hurts.

This means I’ll have to start sending my film out- tedious, time consuming, less trust-worthy (meaning I don’t trust myself being competent enough to get little rolls of film through the mail) and all sorts of other things. I’m really bad at remembering to do the most basic things like write return addresses or put on the proper postage for packages.

grumpycat_expression michael_peefilledballoon



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