This would pass the Bechdel test.


One of my favorite books of all time, 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea by Jules Verne, has been made into a few movies. Most of them have taken significant liberties with the book and not followed the plotline very well- the Atlantis bit get skipped a lot, and I want more hunting in the kelp fields, dammit!

Honestly, though, what I would really love would be a serious re-make of the novel into a movie that strictly follows the plot, the darkness of Nemo, the delicate details of the book that make it so wonderful, and then switch the cast up to be all female.

The cast of characters in the novel is all-male (I mean, there are a few dead female bodies, but that doesn’t count), but how awesome would it be to see a badass French scientist, a demented but brilliant captain, and an awesome harpoonist from Canada be played by women? There wouldn’t be a single male character, and it would definitely pass the Bechdel test. (FINALLY BECAUSE EVEN MY FAVORITE MOVIES NEVER DO!)

Of course, since in the book there are dead bodies, giant sharks, violence, cursing, fierce storms, but no sex, I don’t know if any producer would ever make it possible. But I can dream. Oh, and the clothes, which are made of loose comfortable fibers, wouldn’t be sexy either.

Seriously though it would be AWESOME. Plus the technology and the science and all the gloriousness of 19th century discovery in the Nautilus?

Image: Ernst Haekel drawing, courtesy of Wikimedia Commons


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