Black and white

09540001 09540008 09540009 09540016My sister brought me tulips but I have killed them already. In a few weeks I will venture on a jet plane to the East Coast to rendezvous with my wondrous family.

I am excited to be in a city again. Although I do not know if my energy level fits such an urban environment (I’m already highly anxious and I am very sensitive to how others feel) it will be nice to be somewhere more busy. Also, let’s not get on the subject of ethnic food, because if that happens I might drool all over my computer and watch it die in front of me.

Montana is the throes of chinooks and then snowfalls- a cycle of sun and then grey that is tantalizing and frustrating. I want nothing more than to feel spring on my skin and wake up to sunshine rather than the pink haze of a snowy dawn.

Now, to sleep.




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