The way things were.

08380014 08380017 08460014 09180012 thaifood 012 08240009 08240012 08380024 08440009 08460012 08480003 08480022 08500002 09020013 09020015 09060024Swans that were bastards trying to bite you, obnoxious barking dogs outside the Migros, overly priced antique markets downtown on shady mornings, avoiding work by going downtown for gelato, sniffing flowers and living the surreal life of students in Switzerland.

That was then- this is now- but that doesn’t mean that they don’t meld. I still shout Italian curses at bad drivers, postcards from lovely faraway places still come to me from the most wondrous people. I put marscapone cheese on my pizza when I can and my fondness for wine has remained. It’s a place I loved and felt loved in, even though I always felt a little off whilst there.

I miss the people, mostly, but being in such a beautiful place too was so very nice.

Also, note to Hannah Palindrome: I miss you so much, and I made this post because I too have been aching for the nostalgia of our adventures together.



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