302566_10150336161853972_844695529_n297775_10150336161453972_535618124_n 300186_10150336161283972_161447716_n 310949_10150336161818972_1793211024_nMy grandparents are honestly some of the most wonderful people I know. I might be biased, but I love them both. My grandfather loves photography and old cars and whenever I see him I love talking about it. One time I brought my old Hawkeye camera down to Colorado to show him, and he knew exactly what was wrong with it. Another time we went to a seriously awesome car museum over the mountain pass and went to A&W and discussed the amazing Studebakers, the little vintage Volkswagens, and all the other awesome vehicles there. My grandmother always talks about education and how important it is, and I hear stories of road trips in Volkswagen buses and summers in Maine.




One thought on “Grandparents

  1. I love that! I hope that when I’m older, I have interesting things to say about life, and still have hobbies and quirks, like your grandparents.

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