manet_olympia_detail_1863Spring is almost here. It couldn’t come soon enough. It was a long, dark, lonely winter, and recent developments have made me yearn to not wear shoes, to be able to walk outside, to get out of my own skin.

I need to re-arrange my room, give away clothes, give away objects, and toss away memories, or at least re-route their significance. Being the sentimental creature I am, this will be painful. Luckily, the sun is rising earlier, and daylight is coming.

I feel painfully alive, conscious of mistakes and poor decisions. However, once you make them, you try not to again.

I aced a job interview today, though. I managed to not be the flustered fast talker that I am often, and I genuinely want the job, even though I don’t know if the logistics fit the human aspects of my life. The future is a murky trickster, we shall see!

Detail of Eduoard Manet’s Olympia.



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