003_22A 005_20A 010_15AI got super lost here by myself. Not that it was unexpected- but it still was frustrating. I was on the hunt for some good thrift shops, and the few that I found were sub-par, but I only made it for about 15/20 blocks. There were lots of bourgeois boutiques with $1,000 dresses- I walked in and immediately walked out.

Something about being around ostentatious wealth like that makes me uncomfortable, for whatever reason. I feel like I’m not good enough, or I immediately think of ALL the things I could do with the money- feed myself and pay rent for months, buy gas for over a year, go on a road trip, save money to pay some debt, etc.

Anyway, TriBeCa was gorgeous. I loved the steps, stores, the tulips on some corners. It was also very quiet and nice- it felt like a neighborhood, whereas the rest of the city as I had experienced it felt like a mass of energy that just trampled me.



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