A glorious evening

229432_10200515856074458_775061338_nI have my hair up- it was the first time I have had it up in a braid in YEARS. I forgot to order new contacts so my glasses had to do for the night, although they were quite obnoxious.

Last night we met at Harlan’s to eat Thai food and eat an amazing pie Kristin baked. It was cranberry apple, and Kristin, being the wondrous baker she is, added in the right amount of ginger to really make it pop! Afterwards we piled into my car, and made way with Julia to meet up with some of her friends to go dancing.

Chelsea and I were supposed to go swing dancing- needless to say, without cowboy boots, pants, or something denim I knew this would be awkward. We met up with Cody for a drink at Plonk beforehand.

Chelsea and I ended up staying at Plonk with Cody. We met Cody’s boyfriend, Cody (CONFUSING). Cody’s Cody and I talked linguistics- the psychology of Russian, the wonderful grammar of German, and how fun it is to speak Spanish with a British or a Bush (W.) accent. Cody, being a phlebotamist, heard my woes of being terrified of needles- I hate having shots, anesthesia, anything from a syringe. He felt my arm, told me my veins were good, and told me if I ever needed somebody good, “I don’t mean to brag, but I’m really good” (Cody, I will probably take you up on this offer if need be!)

We talked late into the night. I was the sober one, and thusly espresso was my drink of choice. Chelsea managed to capture an image that sort of gets me perfectly- apparently I make this face quite frequently. I am also deathly pale- that is an accurate rendering of my corpse-like pallor, which I am quite proud of.

We later went to Cody’s haus, watched Jeopardy and Girls, laughed and huddled under blankets and ate chocolate chip cookies. At 3 am Chelsea and I drove home and collapsed in my bed.

I have needed a good night like this for far too long. Lately life has been trickier than I expected, and being able to forget about it was absolutely perfect. I feel lucky to have the wonderful people I do in my life.


One thought on “A glorious evening

  1. Deathly pale club unite! So many people don’t understand when I claim I actually like being pale as opposed to tan. It looks like you had an awesome evening, also your hair is lovely!

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