I like myself, and that is not a bad thing.

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People on the internet get all kinds of shit about being “narcissistic” – especially women- when we take pictures of ourselves, like our faces, and share them with the world.

Just because I like my face and myself doesn’t mean that I can be automatically called a narcissist. Even if one chooses to label me as such, I still have every right to post pictures of myself. They’re on my blog of me. Some of my favorite bloggers have gotten some serious flack for liking their own image and putting it out there- well, screw that. I have a serious problem with people thinking they have ownership or a right to make comments about somebody else when they have no idea who they are, or to form judgements without knowing somebody (as I’ve written about on this blog before). If I have self love and I want to share it, I can do so and I should have the right to do so without getting flak.

So, here’s me. And I don’t care if you don’t like it, or think that I’m ridiculous, or that I am wallowing in a stinking pool of narcissism, because if you’re honestly forming judgement of me this way, I probably don’t have enough respect to care.

Goddamn, loving oneself feels pretty good. I hope everybody does it at some point.


One thought on “I like myself, and that is not a bad thing.

  1. Hey..I have been following you and reading your almost every update and you know, it feels good !
    And this is the most beautiful update so far =)

    let the haters hate 😛

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