Sommer is coming: Things that will happen

Every time when I’m in the midst of the stress I take a moment and breathe- Summer is coming, I can feel it tickling the back of my neck, even if there’s still snow on the ground.

So, I always make a post of things I want to do/am stoked to do!

-Cape Cod. It’s been 4 years, 4 painful years without the sand in my toes and the Cape breeze blowing sand everywhere, 4 years without going to Provinetown and wading in the low tides and scrambling on the giant rocks and getting up early to look for sea glass and watch baby plovers run in the sand dunes.

-Seattle. My mother and I are going to see an art exhibit at the SAM, and I am excited- I love the SAM so much, it is one of my favorite museums because it’s manageable but still vast!

-County fair! I will no doubt go, eat funnel cake, see the odd earless goats, and ride the rides with glorious company. Probably in polka dotted dresses.

-Hannah and Max visiting! I haven’t seen Hannah in over 2 years, we will reunite and I will meet Max- they’re roadtripping across the States and are taking the time to stop in Montana. I’m really excited to take them to caves, breweries, and on hikes!

-Random road trip? I want to take one and go somewhere fun, maybe Canada or Flathead Lake and rent a cabin or something? A long weekend away would be welcome.

-Working at the Forest Service. I’m the lovely receptionist doing everything from telling you where to hike to how to go about getting permits for various things. I actually enjoy my job, too, even as an Art History major where the relevance is questionable.

-After work runs, walks, and hikes with my Norwegian badass of a friend Kristin. We are both contemplative creatures and both gov’t employees and it is quite lovely to unwind with such a fun person after work.

-Pub trivia! If my coworker Laramy doesn’t leave to become a stand up comedian in Seattle hopefully he can join the team again and Kristin and I and whoever else can dominate. (Even though we’ve only won once, shhhhh)

In short, summer will be a relaxing cathartic time for pondering and sunshine and sunscreen and good things.




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