What I’ve been up to


-Drinking 5 cups of medium roast drop coffee a day.

-Reading dozens of seriously awesome but very dense academic articles

-Meeting, working, trying to make progress with deans and administrators galore (MSU, you really know how to confuse a student)

-Photographing Cody and Julia and anticipating spending all Sunday in the darkroom developing their lovely faces (and hands…)

-Finding old Kodachrome slides from an old projector in the thrift store (there might be a nudist outdoor slide, not sure yet…)

-Lusting after negative scanners. I have three shoeboxes FULL of negatives from 2008 and forward, I would really love to go over some of my old images that I don’t have digital copies of any longer. (I’m thinking of asking for that as a graduation gift for next December?)

-Lusting to read some Nabokov- I want to escape in his mind for awhile, mine is too jumbled.


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