Bits and bobs of Seattle- West and downtown

001_24A 005_20A 009_16A 012_13A 022_3A 023_2A 024_1A 025_0AAA.jpgLittle bits of our trip. Emily and I had to navigate downtown. We watched sailboats in West Seattle and wandered around. A gloriously fat pug waddled down near Pikes and a gorgeous Rolls Royce gleamed on a street.

I love Seattle when it’s sunny. I normally go in March and spend some time there but it’s always rainy or cloudy and gloomy. While there is something very peaceful about the quietness of clouds (almost blanketing) I do love sun.

Anyway, I’m so sorry I haven’t been updating a lot- I started my job again, and we’ve got lots of fires happening, so it’s been quite hectic! I hope you all are swell as can be!


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